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How do you get wood stain off of cement?


That may be a problem if the colour wood stains was not sealed properly. Stain is intended to soak into porous surfaces, like wood and cement. If the paint stripper isn't working, take the container of stain you were using to a paint store and ask them what will remove it from a cement surface. It may be easier to use your newly re-finished gun to shoot the stain off so you can refinish the cement surface. Muriatic acid is NOT a stain remover. It actually etches away the concrete and sometimes the stain with it. Be careful if you try it. Concrete stains are very hard to remove, as you know. There are many things you can try and I'm sure you've already used a few. I've had better luck with dry detergent/Comet cleanser and or diluted bleach. Let stand for a few minutes before washing away thoroughly.


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