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Welcome to the Refal development collaboration web!

Our goal is to make decent portable environment for programming in existing Refal dialects and experimenting with language extensions and implementation techniques.

In order to support all possible Refal dialects we maintain Refal Abstract Syntax? -- the most general Refal dialect. Any Refal program should be easily convertible to Refal Abstract Syntax? . Each program in Refal Abstract Syntax? is presented by Refal expression, and so can be manipulated in Refal.

Refal Abstract Syntax? programs are compiled to Abstract Imperative Language. Programs in it can be efficiently executed by modern computers.

By compiling Abstract Imperative Language programs to widely used languages such as C++ and Java (maybe Python?) we get access to a lot of libraries and capability to use Refal for a "real world" programming.

For the moment we have a fairly stable and standard conforming implementation of the Refal Plus language with C++, Java, and Java byte-code as backends.

  • C++ version runs under Linux and FreeBSD using gcc to produce binaries and under Windows using free version of Visual C++ or MinGW system. More work is needed to make it more user-friendly. Better documentation is needed too.
  • Output to Java byte-code is used for Refal Plus IDE based on the Eclipse platform. Eclipse update-site for Refal Plus plugin: http://rfp.botik.ru/eclipse

Currently the most actively developing sub-project is implementation of a parallel version of Refal Plus suitable for developing programs to run on supercomputers.


All the source code is on the SVN system at http://svn.botik.ru/refal/ and can be downloaded freely.

Self-contained archive of the working system that is based on the C++ backend and uses gcc under MinGW: refal-r2282-MinGW.zip (21.5 Mb) -- for Windows. Use rfp.bat script in c++ subdirectory.

Installation instructions for the Eclipse-based Refal Plus IDE: Eclipse Plugin InstallationEn


24 Aug 2005

Read about team R+ entry to the ICFP 2005 Programming Contest: Icfp Contest2005En.


Feel free to ask any questions and give suggestions by editing this wiki-pages or writing to refaldevel e-mail mailing list.

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