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Refal Plus Development Tools (Eclipse-based Refal Plus IDE)

Installation of Eclipse-based Refal Plus IDE is described here: Eclipse Plugin InstallationEn.

The following is some highlights of the IDE with screenshots.

Enhanced editing of Refal code

Syntax highlighting

Various syntax objects have different highlighting. Especially useful is different highlighting for definition and repeated use of a variable in a pattern matching. Also all the occurences of an object under the cursor are visually emphasized.


Color scheme can be customized through menu Window -> Preferences -> Refal Plus -> Syntax Coloring.

Highlighting of matching brackets

Matching pairs are highlighted for parentheses, braces, and angle brackets.

Default combination for jumping to the matching bracket is Ctrl-Shift-P.


Automatic formatting

The code is automatically indented as you type it. Default combination for re-indenting selected code is Ctrl-I. Ctrl-Shift-F re-indents the whole file.

Before formatting:


After formatting:


Errors visualizing

By default compiler is run in the background just as you type your code: no additional compilation phase! Compiler errors and warnings are indicated by special markers straight in the code. Error messages go to the special window. Also messages pop-up under the cursor when pointing to a marker.


Running a Refal program

If you have no compiler errors then just push the Run button! A launch configuration for your Refal application will be created. By editing it (through menu Run -> Open Run Dialog) you can choose your main function and set arguments and environment.


Program result is shown in a separate window:



You can trace your program execution straight in the editor window. In other windows there available variable values, call stack, breakpoints and so on.


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